Blogging Lessons From Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s blog is a favorite. And an inspiration. Here’s what I’ve learned from him:

“Write something for your tribe every day.” Every day. If you missed yesterday, who cares. Write today. If you come up with five things to write about on a given day, write them. Make a backlog. Then write again the next day. Write. Write. Write.

Your posts can be short. They just have to be valuable.

Post your writing publicly on a blog. The blog is a list of your posts, sorted by recency.

Create channels for folks to follow your blog content without having to remember to check your blog manually:

  • Add an RSS feed to the blog.
  • Add an email list to the blog.
  • Create social media feeds that post links to your blog posts. (Some people want to follow you on their favored social media service, not via email or RSS.) This can and should be automated.

Make it easy for people to share your blog posts on social media.

Now you’ve created the following:

  • Lots of content that you own.
  • Multiple lists of people who’ve given you permission to put your new work in front of them.
  • A destination for like-minded people looking for interesting content.