Display Full Post Text on an Orchard Blog Landing Page

I really didn’t like the default behavior of Orchard’s Blog module’s home page. I didn’t want to see the blog’s title, and wanted full posts to display. It looks like there are a bunch of ways you could go about changing this. Here’s what I did, in my custom theme’s Placement.info file:

<Match ContentType="BlogPost">
    <Match DisplayType="Summary">
        <Place Parts_Common_Body_Summary="Content:after;Alternate=Parts_Common_Body"/>

This swaps out the Summary of a BlogPost and replaces it with the normal Body.

<Match ContentType="Blog">
    <Match DisplayType="Detail">
        <Place Parts_RoutableTitle="-" Parts_Common_Body_Summary="-" Parts_Common_MetaData="-" />

This hides the header stuff on the Blog Detail view.