Not Perfect Yet

Here’s an excuse for not finishing that will always work: It’s not perfect yet.

I can’t publish the article because I want to think of a better way to structure this one paragraph, so people will get it.

I can’t release the product because it might need this one last little feature for people to want it.

We’re holding off having a kid because the time isn’t quite right yet.

The time is never just right. Perfect isn’t a thing. Good enough is a thing.

Perfectionism is a sneaky form of procrastination. It’s sneaky because you won’t feel like you’re procrastinating when you’re actively working. Especially when you’re working hard.

When you work well past the point where you should ship, when you think of reason after reason not to be done when you should be done, you’re postponing needlessly. You’re procrastinating. You’re denying yourself valuable feedback that you can use to decide what you should do next, rather than gold plating the last important thing.