Notebooks, Notecards, Post-its

A notebook is a bunch of pieces of paper bound together in a (somewhat) fixed order.

Notecards are a bunch of pieces of paper in an order, but the order is easy to change. And it’s easy to throw one out. Or insert one. Sort ’em. Shuffle ’em.

Post-its are a bunch of pieces of paper you can stick to stuff. They’re easy to attach to a wall, window, monitor, or whatever. When you spread them across a surface, there can be a vertical order and a horizontal order. There can be a stacking order, too. A wall of post-its is great for expressing relationships, giving structure to a bunch of related ideas. It’s great for figuring out what you want that structure to be, too: You can move stuff around, step back, have a look, reconsider.

I take notebook to meetings, but maybe I should take a stack of notecards instead. The notebooks I buy are so nice, though.

Maybe I should take post-its? That seems a bit much.