Reminders About Humans

Humans lie.

Humans lie to themselves.

Humans are stupid.

Humans are gullible.

Humans get jealous.

Humans are brilliant.

Humans mean well.

Humans can scale. But not out of the box.

Humans are moody.

Humans are quirky.

Humans are different.

Humans have pride.

Humans have reasons.

Humans have stories.

Humans have secrets.

Humans have dreams.

Humans have priorities.

Humans have bills to pay.

Humans are unpredictable.

Humans are creative.

Humans are resilient.

Humans work the system.

Humans have bad days.

Humans get bored.

Humans are irrational.

Humans have feelings.

Humans like winning.

Humans like knowing the answer.

Humans get comfortable.

Humans go on autopilot.

Humans crave certainty.

Humans hate risk.

Humans don’t listen.

Humans make assumptions.

Humans procrastinate.

Humans don’t get to the point.

Humans hate it when you don’t get to the point.

Humans rationalize.

Humans get defensive.

Humans sweep things under the rug.

Humans rubberneck.

Humans rush.

Humans can zoom in.

Humans can pan out.

Humans want to trust you.

Humans hate to owe you.

Humans are polite.

Humans will do you a solid.

Humans reciprocate.

Humans gossip.

Humans remember.

Humans like to have fun.

Humans love free stuff.

Humans make mistakes.

Humans freak out.

Humans love learning.

Humans can’t read minds.

Humans want to make a difference.

Humans want credit.

Humans explore.

Humans explore the world.

Humans explore each other.

Humans explore themselves.

Humans resist.

Humans get nervous.

Humans are stubborn.

Humans adjust.

Humans invest in relationships.

Humans crave approval.

Humans forget stuff.

Humans need reminders.